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Digital Marketing for women entrepreneurs

Need an engaging website and killer emails to grow your business?

I work with Women entrepreneurs whose businesses have grown and won’t do it all. If you don’t know where to start to grow your online presence and supercharge your sales, you need a digital marketer! I’ll help you with a step-by-step plan for your marketing, revamp your website, create email campaigns, and execute your SEO and content marketing so you don’t have to.

Bonjour! I’m Elise and I’m a freelance digital marketer for women entrepreneurs. I’m on a mission to simplify your business growth and bring you peace of mind when it comes to all things marketing. I’ll let you focus on creating more value for your business and your life… while I’m taking care of all things marketing:

  • Creating for you a straightforward, plain as day and actionable marketing plan to help your business flourish
  • Building or Revamping your company website and brand
  • Crafting killer email campaigns to engage with your market and your community
  • Delighting your prospects with useful and engaging blog posts and social media publications

“For anyone who needs help to reach their target customers, who is looking for a partner to hold them accountable, or someone to help them focus on the "how", then you couldn't ask for a more professional, engaging, and motivating Marketing Coach; I would highly recommend Elise!"


"I had no clear Marketing Strategy and often felt that I was struggling to succinctly describe my unique value offering to potential clients. In as little as 2 hours of working with Elise I was able to re-find the passion for my business and to help take it in a new direction!



Brilliant Basics


Taking your business in a new direction? I’ll work on your website Spring Refresh to help you get your next clients. We’ll optimize everything SEO to help you rank better on Google, including the creation of 4 blog posts. Finally, we’ll optimize your Google business Profile to help your customers love you even more. You’ll re-find the passion for your business and take it in a new direction with a crystal clear and straightforward Marketing Plan. Total billed hours: 18.

3 Months Launch


You’re launching a new service? I help you build your straightforward, plain-as-day, and actionable plan for the launch. I’ll create and monitor for you a 3-month email campaign to your email list. Together, we’ll build 3 months of social media publications on 2 platforms of your choice. Total billed hours: 25.

Monthly Marketing

Starts at $600 a month

Want to stay relevant in a digital world but lack time to do it on your own? Monthly Marketing is your peace-giving marketing service: two social media publications per month, an editorial calendar for the month, your company website copy review, and the tracking of your digital growth metrics: we’ll make sure your Google referencing stays top-notch and your company website/social media posts are always splendidly up to date. Price on-demand. Billed monthly.

Building an impactful online presence for your business, so it’s not on you to do it all

As a woman entrepreneur, you believe in your business and you trust you can have a positive impact on your community. But maybe you’re … “not so much into marketing”. Or you don’t know where to begin to grow your business in the digital world. Some of you may even dislike the social media game you have to play for your business.

Let’s team up! Together we’ll take subjects that can overwhelm the average bear (better your SEO, redesign your website, build your online presence, create an intentional marketing plan that sounds like you, launch your new services…) and make them appear easy, doable, and even fun. My goal as your marketer is to get YOUR ideas out into the world.

Hoppy Solutions

Digital Marketing

Serving Women Entrepreneurs who want an engaging website, killer emails, and a clear strategy to develop their sales. I’ll help you with a step-by-step plan for your marketing, revamp your website, create email campaigns, and execute your SEO and content marketing so you don’t have to.

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